A Special time for you and your dog, be lucky and win a prize throughout the show


Dog Competition : Varieties competition is expected to attract over 10,000 dogs of all breeds to achieve an International title without having to leave their country in different competitions i.e. Dog Conformity Competition, Weight Pull Competition and many more.
Exhibition Zone : Wide range of canine’s products and services promotion has up to 70% off from over 300 brands.
Grooming Zone : Explores the world—and art—of dog grooming, capturing the creations of some of the world’s top dog groomers.
Agility & Games : Enjoy dog competing in agility trials. They’ll beat every new challenger to set a new record! Enjoy the new running game – Doggy Run which is filled with energetic and super-cute dog pups who dash all over the place!
Mobile Clinic : Let’s help keep your dog healthy by giving him a checkup! Complimentary physical examinations are available with the chance to win FREE medical check-up plan worth over 20,000 Baht.
Dog Lover Gangster : Have a question? Get an answer from our Dog Lover Gang on the spot!
Lucky Dog Lucky Draw : Under the concept “Super Lucky Dog” Your canine could grab a chance to win over 100 prizes throughout the 4-day events.
TIDS Card : Certifying your dog as the citizenship! Subscribe today with the chance to win the 13th Anniversary prizes!
Dog Star Search : Enter today and your dog could be featured on the big screen!

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